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  VoCon®Mobile XGT is the speaker-independent speech interface solutions for embedded voice-controlled applications in a wide range of mobile devices. VoCon®Mobile XGT delivers fast, accurate speech recognition in the small footprint, tight processing power environments of ARM7 and ARM9 or similar platforms, as well as various DSPs and similar processor for mobile devices.
Speaker-Independent Name Dialing
“One-Shot” Command Feature
Speaker-Independent Command and Control
Voice Feedback
“N-Best” Results Display
Speaker Independent Continuous Digit Dialing
Phoneme-Based Recognition
Optimization for all Mass Market Mobile Devices
US English, UK English, Canadian French, European French, German, Italian,
Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese (Brazilian), American Spanish, European Spanish
* Release of additional languages is in schedule.
Code Size 90KB for ASR engine
30KB for TTS engine
Language Data 300KB/420 KB for ASR(depending on supported features )
300KB for TTS(depending on language)
RAM 120KB/320 KB(for support of up to 500 names)
60KB for TTS engine
Sampling Rate 8KHz
Audio Coders GSM(FR, EFR, AMR), PUFE, PCM
Footprint RAM(US English; 8KHz): 120KB and up
ROM(US English; 8KHz): 700KB
Other Available for all mobile operating systems, chipsets, DSPs, and protocol stacks.
Automotive Car Kits Mobile Phone
Devices for the disabled person Hands Free

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