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VoCon®3200 is a speech recognition engine builds upon the popular ASR by Nuance Communications, Inc. It delivers a new level of speech recognition capabilities, provides superior functionality, unmatched accuracy, and high performance in different environments.
best speech recognition engine to develop applications in PC based applications & automotive.
Application developers can easily integrate VoCon3200 ASR technology into PC based applications and in-vehicle applications providing ease of use, accessibility to user.
Suggestion of N-best alternatives with confidence levels for all recognitions modes
Optimization of spelled words with spelling post-processor
Support for incremental partial spelling
Robust performance with different types of microphones
Beginning-of-speech and trailing silence detection
Exception dictionaries to override the phonetic transcriptions of words generated
by the integrated lexical expert system
Support for multiple pronunciation variants including phonetic data from NaTeq and
Optimization for mixed use of speaker-independent words with speaker voice tags
Only one utterance needed for speaker-dependent voice tags
Fast context switching at run-time
Sub-bocabulary actibation in a context at run-time
Words and rules can be added to a binary grammar at run-time
Context can be created at run-time by compiling BNF grammars with the integrated
Multiple grammars can be merged into one context
Keyword spotting
NLU capabilities ranging from basic to advanced
Notification on gain and SNR(Signal-to-Noise Ratio) levels
Multiple instances of the engine can run concurrently
US English, UK English, Dutch, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish,
Polish, Portuguese, Korean.
Release of additional languages is in schedule.
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